yourknight (yourknight) wrote,

where does time go to

So all of a sudden you look up at the clock and realize that time didn't stand still after all. Then, out of respect to the other time piece, you look at the calender and stop breathing due to TWS.
Time Warp Syndrome is suffered by millions everyday. Frequently, those who suffer from this disease blame objects for the lapse of time. Countless watches and clocks have been accused of poor performance. However at this writing, it has been documented that time has continued to move forward undaunted by the false accusations.
I suffer from this disease. My last entry is written proof. I have on occasion looked under the rug and the couch for missing moments. No luck on my part to identify anything remotely resembling time. However, if this elusive character has the ability to look like a cheerio or a popcorn kernel, I have recovered nearly a month of time.
If you are lucky enough to have a BW that is teaching you Time Management 101 here is a tip to a great first semester test. Mark a calender and keep your eye on the clock.
Next entry we'll discuss Lists 101 where we will bring goal orientation and achievement to life.

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