yourknight (yourknight) wrote,

It's a big house

It truly is amazing how much of a mess I can make when everyone is gone. Air hose and compressor, hammers and nails, drywall compound, you name it. I feel like a molecule bouncing around in an attempt to complete as many projects before My Lady returns. Although I understand that my painter has bigger obligations than my still sucks that he couldn't make it here this weekend. But I keep picking away at the mess and eventually I will be done. Of course I started in 1988 so as you can see, I can make really big messes.
The moon is out and the first snow has melted into the earth. The smell of the air is wonderful. The smell of old wet leaves brings a strange comfort to me. Maybe because of the fact that by this time in the year I can actually smell something....hmmm.
It is silent here. There is no wind, rain, car traffic...nothing. I guess me and the dog need to bang around for bit just so the house will feel lived in.

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