yourknight (yourknight) wrote,

The Day After

All of the food is put away into nooks a crannies of the refrigerator. The house has become large again with daughter w/boyfriend leaving with momma blazing a trail so they may return to Pennsyltuckie.
As with all holidays, the preparer of the food was anxious about it's bounty and it's edibility. Of course as with most gatherings it's not about the food anyway, but cooks still fret. I was pretty good at the fretting part and from the small amounts of food to be put away, cooking went well enough.
The day after is a transitional one. After a eating binge, one normally sleeps quite soundly and dreads the morning. I was all over that. The dreading the morning part anyway. This morning meant that it was the departing of one daughter and the later arrival of another. My hope is some day they,(meaning all four of my hoodlums) will be here all at once.
I am thankful for not burning the turkey and that all who sat at my table enjoyed their stay. I just wish that yesterday could have lasted a bit longer.

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