yourknight (yourknight) wrote,

Extending a Family

My mother-n-law said it best when she addressed the attendance of a newcomer to the family dinner table. "Charlotte, now that you have come to dinner with us, you are now considered part of the family," mom proclaimed. Mom has experience with "extras" at the dinner table due to her life as a minister's wife.
My family took in "strays" as my mom would call them, all of the time. Not like my father-n-law, I would call and ask permission first. Edith (my mom) didn't like surprises when it came to serving food. There was never a time that my mom said "no". The code question was, "can you throw another bone in the soup?"
It has become a fond memory that so many friends came and ate with me and my mom and dad.
Tonights dinner was a planned event. My daughter has brought a friend with her to spend some time here during a short break from college. She is delightful and has by all appearances enjoyed her stay here. It is with great pride, that I hope that she feels comfortable to stop in some day long after her graduation to say hello. That's what one does when you have become a member of a growing family.

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