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again with the sun

If the sunrises maintain their frequency Central NY might be in the running for a new nickname. Wow has it been dry here. I am concerned that the lawn I just put in may have to be converted to a giant sandbox. I am praying for rain...I must have had too much sun to ask for that.
I am hoping that my day will stay the course I have plotted for it. My carpenter buddy and I are about to start the loft office project for My Lady. When it is complete it will be kick-ass. My hope is when she has moved in the few dust collectors that she will allow, that her comfort level will rise exponentially with her creativity. My next project is the dumb-waiter that I have designed to haul large amounts of tea to her. Two flights of stairs might finish off what is left of my knees.
My wish for today is that everyone shutoff the TV and pick up a pen and paper and write a letter to a friend or relative. Please listen to some music that you haven't heard in a long time.
One last thought, look back at your footprints, it's good to look at where you came from.

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